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  • The ultimate brokerage and the best trading platform for professional trading and institutional-level signal scanning brought to you in partnership with Interactive Brokers.
  • Trade over 1.5 million instruments across 150 global 🌎 markets in 27 currencies.
  • Use the full trading platform offer provided by InteractiveBrokers (TWS, Mobile,…)
  • Track and trade thousands of markets in realtime for your individual signals with the included AgenaTrader platform.
  • Maximize your performance 💸, minimize your time-efforts.

AgenaTrader included

AgenaTrader is a high-end trading platform including a Bloomberg Certification in 2023. Get the full AgenaTrader Suite
for free! Read more….


Super low fees

Maximize your potential!
Trade with extremely competitive low fees and take advantage of lucrative opportunities for higher profits.


High interest payments

Get high interest on balances over €10,000 in EUR, GBP and USD, maximizing the potential of your funds effectively.


No minimum Deposit

There is no minimum amount requirement to open an account.
Just sign-up for an account via the button above and start trading in a few minutes.


Tradable Symbols

Global Markets
Different Currencies
Market Access

Worldwide market access

Invest globally in 150 markets with 1.5 million symbols and realize any trading strategy.


All relevant asset classes

Trade stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, ETFs, CFDs, mutual funds, precious metals, crypto.


Asset manager ready

Offering a robust and reliable trading and investment solution for professionals.

MultiLanguage Support

Multi Language support

We offer support in English, German, Arabic and Polish – easily accessible via live-chat.

Broker Comparison
The best offer in the trading market
US Equities$0.005/share
min. $1
min. $1
min. $1.90
min. $2
min. $5
€ 5.90€9.95
for €2k investment
US Options$0.85/contract
min. $1
$2$2.90$3.50$3.50n.a.€12.25 + 0,5%
of premium
US Futures*$0.25/contract
min. $1
min. $2
min. $2
German Equities%0.05
min. €3
min. €3
min. €3.90
min. €4
for €2k investment
German Futures*€0.40€0.65€0.80€1€0.99n.a.€1
Interest Rate €|$3.3% | 4.5%3.1% | 4.1%2.43% | 3.83%2.43% | 3.83%1.43% | 2.83%0.0% | n.a.2.1% | n.a.

The pricing comparison is done as of 10.03.2024  based on the pricing information available at the respective websites.
*Futures Pricing is shown for Micro Futures

Open your Account:
How does AgenaBroker work?

AgenaBroker’s offering in partnership with Change Securities B.V. is based on the biggest global trading environment Interactive Brokers. Get access to the most powerful trading platform in the world with fast support in your native language.

What instruments can I trade?

AgenaTrader Brokerage offers US and EU stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, bonds, funds, CD-s and more. In total you can trade over 1,500,000 instruments.

How can I earn interest on my cash?

You can earn high interest on balance over €10,000 or equivalent in another currency. Interest is paid on EUR, GBP and USD balances. To earn interest just open an account, deposit any of the currencies or exchange them on the platform and start making money.

Who can open accounts with AgenaBroker?

Everyone who is a resident or citizen of an European Economic Area country can use the platform. There is no minimum amount requirement to open an account, so you can start with nothing to just explore if you wish.

Can I use AgenaBroker with a business account?

Yes. All AgenaBroker services from trading to earning interest can be used by both private and business customers.

What does it cost to trade with AgenaBroker?

The detailed pricing information for trading and interest on cash is shown in the detailed price plans which are accessible via the menu and links above.
Please note that the pricing is subject to change, but it will be duly notified at least 30 days in advance. Interest rate can also change due to interest rate market conditions.

What trading platforms can be used?

We offer our proprietary trading platform AgenaTrader as part of the arrangement. AgenaTrader software is ideally suited as a trading tool for our extensive range of products, being optimized for stocks, futures, forex, CFD and options trading. It must be noted that if you decide to use our platform, we will not have any access to your order and transaction data.

The other exotic asset classes can be traded via the TWS desktop.
There is also a mobile app in the platform portfolio.

How is the safety and security of my funds ensured?

The investment services advertised herein are not provided by AgenaTrader GmbH, but offered through a partnership with Change Securities B.V. (registration number 50755854), an authorised and regulated entity by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Change Securities B.V. operates under an introducing broker agreement with Interactive Brokers Ireland Limited, a brokerage firm regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI, reference number C423427) and registered with the Companies Registration Office (CRO, registration number 657406). If you choose to become a client of AgenaTrader GmbH, the direct contractual relationship regarding investment services shall be concluded with Interactive Brokers Ireland Limited. Clients are advised to thoroughly review all terms, conditions, and regulatory disclosures provided by Interactive Brokers Ireland Limited before engaging in any investment activities.

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